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Vote India is a an interactive web site designed to give Internet users a voice on important public issues and other topics. The Internet is filled with chances for us to listen and read. This site gives us a chance to speak out and to be heard. When you vote on a topic listed on our site,through that vote you can contribute in making dicisions. As this voting system gives users a unique way to raise their voice on many topics.

Voting is a method of decision making where in a group such as a meeting or an electorate attempts to gauge its opinion—usually as a final step following discussions or debates. Alternatives to voting include consensus decision making and betting.

Mission of vote india: "To offer the best polling, market research, information services, and business solutions worldwide based on accuracy and detailed strategic information."

Vote india is absolutely free of cost. It is liberal and conservative. Neither it is a balot box. Nor it's a Democrat or Republican either. It has no point of view. It wants to bring your point of view to the attention of those in power. The vote is completely secret. The computer knows how you vote, but we don't.

User can vote for business and finance, automobiles, computers, country, regional, internet, dating, entertainment , food, drinks, fun ,game, health and fitness, sports, religion, real estate, literature, arts, animals, pets, places and travel, general topics...